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Ruport Book Contents

The Ruport Book takes a multi-faceted approach to learning about the Ruby Reports project and its packages. What you'll find is that it is actually three works in one, designed to reach a wide cross-section of users. Each section is described below, and any available content can be found in the chapter listing to the right.

Part I: Introductory Materials

Michael Milner has provided a whirlwhind introduction that is designed to give new users a general feel for how Ruport works. This section of the book walks you through a basic report against the Ruby census data collected by the tattle project. In it, everything from ActiveRecord integration to data manipulations and even custom formatting is covered. We hope that this provides a comfortable starting point for our readers, without resorting to overly contrived examples.

Part II: Ruport in the Real World

The heart of this book is a deep dive through PayR, a simple payroll system developed by Gregory Brown for BTree Technology. In it, you'll see how Ruport fits into Rails to provide a comprehensive reporting solution, and gain insight on how our developers actually use Ruport.

Part III: Ruport Cheatsheets

We have put together a series of concise reference documents which show how to handle tasks using the various subsystems of ruport, ruport-util, and some third party extensions. These will be cross-referenced throughout the book, and may be generally useful for anyone looking for quick solutions to common problems our users face.

Between its three parts, we hope that this book will get you up to speed on Ruport in no time.

What you see here is a free content book, self published by Gregory Brown and Michael Milner under a Creative Commons License.



Tutorial Introduction to Ruport


Working With Ruport

Report Formatting

More Report Formatting

Ad-hoc Reporting with rope


Data Manipulations

Using acts_as_reportable

Using Ruport::Query

Ruport's Formatting System

Building Custom Printable Documents

Adding Logic to Custom Renderers

Integration Hacks

Using Report and ReportManager

rope (A Code Generation Tool for Ruby Reports)

A Ruport Hacking Guide