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What is the Ruport Book?

The Ruport Book is a free book on Ruby Reports, which includes both reference materials as well as real world usage of ruport, ruport-util, and our acts_as_reportable Rails plugin.

This is a volunteer based effort, written by the lead developers of ruport, Gregory Brown and Michael Milner. The book is currently available for purchase from Lulu Marketplace. The full HTML formatted version of the book is available here.

Keep an eye on this site for the latest news about the book, and consider getting involved if the project interests you.

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All Cheatsheets Updated to Reflect Ruport 1.2

Book Coverage Matrix Now Available

New Chapter: Using Ruport::Query

New Chapter: Ruport's Formatting System

New Chapter: Using acts_as_reportable

New Section: Introducing Ruport

New Chapter: Data Manipulations

New Chapter: Printable Documents

New Chapter: Integration Hacks

New Chapter: Using Report and ReportManager

New Chapter: rope, Ruport's Code Generator

New Chapter: Renderer Logic Cheatsheet

Ruby Reports Documentation Effort Launches